• Support for Lighthouse Continues to Surge!



    The H. Lee White Maritime Museum at Oswego has seen a surge in support for the Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse from the local community since its acquisition by lease in early 2014.  Whether it’s financial, or in the form of in-kind donations or volunteer manpower; the community seems to find consensus in their support of the iconic structure’s restoration.  To date, the Maritime Museum has been able to organize and employ a corps of volunteers who have nearly completed the restoration of the Lighthouse’s interior.  Examining the all volunteer corps’ hours alone, the Museum has seen a 73% increase in volunteer hours spent at the Lighthouse in just one year’s time, jumping from 450 hours in 2014 to 780 hours in 2015.


    What aids in the success of those volunteer efforts, though, is solid financial support from the local citizens of Oswego.  A recent donation from David Granoff, (insert titles/local roles in tourism), exemplifies such a cause.  When asked why he feels such support is necessary he proclaimed that “restoration efforts that will lead to enhanced tourism opportunities will go a long way towards stimulating and engaging educational programs about Oswego and the Great Lakes, and the structure will provide a favorite destination for future generations to visit and admire.”  Granoff, who views the Lighthouse as an “Icon for Humanity,” is just one of the many local citizens who continually demonstrate our combined appreciation for Oswego’s maritime history, heritage and culture.


    These feats, along with strategic financial planning and a solid public-private preservation partnership with the City of Oswego, has led to the Museum being able to offer limited public tours to the Lighthouse during the 2016 fair weather season.  For more information on how you can support the Lighthouse, visit, or give the Maritime Museum a call at 315-342-0480.