• Funding for the West Pierhead Lighthouse

    The Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse could receive up to $100,000 in state funds for the iconic City landmark.  The Administrative Services Committee of the Oswego Council voted to draft a resolution for the funding that will be used to fully restore the exterior superstructure of the Lighthouse. Encouraged by the office of Assemblyman Will Barclay, Oswego Councilor Billy Barlow and Community Development Director Justin Rudgick, the funding could provide the necessary funds to fully remediate the led exterior pain, repair and repaint the roof, and would also include repairs to the basement doors - the main access point for volunteers and visitors.  


    Currently, the interior of the Lighthouse is being scraped, painted and repaired as volunteers have totaled over 600 working hours at the Light this year alone.  Leased by the H. Lee White Maritime Museum, it is our goal to provide public access to the National Register of Historic Places site as early as next year.